Review: Warcraft The Beginning

Welcome to the n00bgamer’s review of Blizzard and Legendary Pictures‘ movie “Warcraft The Beginning”. Here we’ll discuss some spoilers, insights, what they got right, and what they left us in the dark with.

First off, i’d rate this picture a 3 out of five. Mostly because it was like they were filing out a template based (loosely) from Warcraft 1’s story-line. So from the choices of playable characters, it felt like they just went ahead and picked off their favorite artists to produce this movie.

Check it out before it's gone!
Check it out before it’s gone!

Don’t get me wrong, I’d really recommend people see it, and then experience the World of Warcraft game. The movie tickles you a little bit, but the real magic and content is already in the game. Much of the experience you’d actually want to play through rather than be spoon fed the details in a single 2 hour sit-down.

What it really is, is an extended introduction to jumping into World of Warcraft. Now for movie-goers, this isn’t good enough. Much is proven how little people were in the theater, but hey, it’ll take more than a movie to really get warcraft going again.

What it doesn’t talk about is the awesome community behind the players of World of Warcraft. Where you get in on the action of taking down a corrupted Blackhand in Draenor along with 40 other like minded individuals, each with their own personality and quirks.

Other thing i found out was that, female Orcs are so Hot! Garrrrrrroooooownah!

Orc lady pretty!

All in all though, the R13 restriction was very limiting. I remember being part of a 10 year old crowd into games when Warcraft: Orcs vs Humans first hit the shelves. Those 22 years of following that IP has grown into quite the story. Its pretty epic also counting you can live through those experiences in a virtual world for hours and hours on end.

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Its basically a free World of Warcraft Battlechest with 30 days. Already confirmed it works with the Recruit a Friend program also, so it really works to bring a few friends and introduce them to Azeroth! It’ll only be around till Sunday so grab em while they still have ’em!



Warcraft Legion: Estimated launch date

Activision-Blizzard recently gave us a semblance of an estimated launch date when they announced that you can now order the new World of Warcraft expansion Warcraft: Legion! ┬áBased from when we were redirected to the pre-order page, you can definitely tell that this company is milking the consumers for their financing of the expansion (not to mention the monthly dues aside per 30 day access). From there, it gave us that lovely disclaimer in the fine print; “…on or before Septtember 21, 2016.”

Legion Launch Date

Now that’s what i’d call anticipatory revenue right there. In any case, Blizzard has been known to always send out their titles with spit and polish only that 10 ton gorilla can produce. But i’d happily part with that monkey knowing its going out to developers who spent years keeping us in this game.

So there’s a year to decide just how worth it with this pre-order. You get an instant level boost to 100 and continue on the grind to level 110. 10 years and counting and let’s see if they can still keep us around. As it stands, the days of the 11 million population are gone. Its more like 5 million active users lately and you can notice the difference. With freemium MMO’s still continuing to pop up here and there, they’re hard pressed to keep the subscription model going.

If you’re looking for more information about the upcoming game, read it here!

10 years of World of Warcraft

After an ungodly amount of game time and a account that’s as old as my eldest child, I’ve come to the following insights;

  • Its just like any other form of entertainment, it can suck you in as well as a Game of Thrones season and leave you crying after you die in a major content raid (or nerf), depending on which side of the fence you stand on.
  • Mike Morheim knows how to run a company. Over 20 years (including Silicon and Synapse) of taking my parents money as well as a majority of my working career’s fruit.
  • ┬áChris Metzen on the other hand needs to take a huge hit of new inspiration as we’re still waiting on what he’s got in store for us in regards to new content or this “Project Titan” they had us sold on before any news went out. And no i hope it wasn’t Heroes of the Storm.
  • I’m over 4 lvl 90’s and a couple of lvl 100’s, and i still find it hard to disconnect.
  • Community driven events and activities are what made this game. And to this day, you can still jump in as a newbie and enjoy its population. At one time it had the same size as a small country with over 11 million monthly subscribers.
  • I’d still bug my buddies to try this game out. Its old, but if you play it for the first time, it can still compete toe to toe with the latest titles out there. Albeit it’ll need some sort of engine overhaul soon. Or… ahem.. Project Titan *cough* *cough*
  • Kung-Fu Pandas… lots of em.
  • The internet has tons of info on this topic. Its pretty easy to find what you need to enjoy the game in detail from guilds to farming patterns.

In any case, i’m down to my last few days of the 10 year run. Its been good, but let’s see if its still got some kick next expansion eh?

Sometimes, you just need to take a selfie!
Sometimes, you just need to take a selfie!