Review: Warcraft The Beginning

Welcome to the n00bgamer’s review of Blizzard and Legendary Pictures‘ movie “Warcraft The Beginning”. Here we’ll discuss some spoilers, insights, what they got right, and what they left us in the dark with.

First off, i’d rate this picture a 3 out of five. Mostly because it was like they were filing out a template based (loosely) from Warcraft 1’s story-line. So from the choices of playable characters, it felt like they just went ahead and picked off their favorite artists to produce this movie.

Check it out before it's gone!
Check it out before it’s gone!

Don’t get me wrong, I’d really recommend people see it, and then experience the World of Warcraft game. The movie tickles you a little bit, but the real magic and content is already in the game. Much of the experience you’d actually want to play through rather than be spoon fed the details in a single 2 hour sit-down.

What it really is, is an extended introduction to jumping into World of Warcraft. Now for movie-goers, this isn’t good enough. Much is proven how little people were in the theater, but hey, it’ll take more than a movie to really get warcraft going again.

What it doesn’t talk about is the awesome community behind the players of World of Warcraft. Where you get in on the action of taking down a corrupted Blackhand in Draenor along with 40 other like minded individuals, each with their own personality and quirks.

Other thing i found out was that, female Orcs are so Hot! Garrrrrrroooooownah!

Orc lady pretty!

All in all though, the R13 restriction was very limiting. I remember being part of a 10 year old crowd into games when Warcraft: Orcs vs Humans first hit the shelves. Those 22 years of following that IP has grown into quite the story. Its pretty epic also counting you can live through those experiences in a virtual world for hours and hours on end.

Hey and if you won’t give the movie a chance? Go for the free battlechest!

SM North Edsa 3D movie giveaway!
SM North Edsa 3D movie giveaway!

Its basically a free World of Warcraft Battlechest with 30 days. Already confirmed it works with the Recruit a Friend program also, so it really works to bring a few friends and introduce them to Azeroth! It’ll only be around till Sunday so grab em while they still have ’em!



X-Com 2 has launched!

So Feb. 5’s finally here. And X-Com 2, the game is now unlocked on steam and i got the digital deluxe version because they still bundled the pre-order bonus into it.

Downloading... Wait till Feb 5 Pacific Time before you play the game! (So says my overpriced, yet super slow ISP).

Downloading… Wait till Feb 5 Pacific Time before you play the game! (So says my overpriced, yet super slow ISP).

Patience is a virtue. But not mine work tracking software.

So to whittle the time away, here’s some neat youtube videos of the gameplay from youtube user ChristopherOdd:

The N00bs Play Betrayal at House on the Hill 2nd Edition

Designed by Bruce Glassco, and published by Avalon Hill (we have the 2nd edition by WoTC), Betrayal at House on the Hill 2nd ed had us players starting out as friends exploring a haunted house filled with dangers omens and traps. As the friends continue exploring the mansion, they expand the board (by drawing tiles) and eventually creating the event called “The Haunt” that randomly generates a scenario and villain in the session.

This game has so many possible outcomes that we can’t help but commend the creator as we’ve played about 9 sessions to date and we haven’t really repeated a scenario just yet.

betrayal at the house on the hill 2

The fun came about each time there were enough omens on the table  to potentially make The Haunt event happen and literally had us screaming at the game table.

betrayal at the house on the hill 1

Of course instead of reading the rules throughout, we went through the video of our idols at Geek and Sundry to get familiar with the game. You can count on them as tutorial videos as well.

This board game is a must-try and has been around for a while. For some reason, some people really hope to be the antagonist in a game. But if the traitor has the Spear and Armor token, well, it’s going to be a bloody night at this haunted mansion.

Oddly enough, with Azanthriel playing, it felt kind of spooky and odd things started to happen with our electronics. At some points lights would flicker just when the haunt started, and none of the videos or photos we took came out clear. Either way, it added to the spook and excitement to the whole experience. We definitely recommend playing this with a soundtrack. If you don’t know where to get one, here’s a handy playlist you can click on.


Hearthstone – Close calls with one hit-point left

So some of the n00bs have gotten themselves into Hearthstone. A digital collectible card game by the ten ton gorilla named Blizzard. There’s a lot to be said after playing similar games like Magic the Gathering. This one being without the land sources for mana, but it is provided to you each time the turn progresses. What it does have is fast action just like what we loved about WotC’s Magic: The Gathering. So fast that we find ourselves just trying to win the match with one hit-point left.

Ah crap... he has a tank.
Ah crap… he has a tank.

A lot of times, your luck is all based from the draw, but you do get to call mulligan on the initial batch of cards you drew.

There’s about 2 card expansions to the game now. There’s one about Goblins and Mechs while the newer one focuses on cards based from the Argent Tournament. That AT expansion though saw other features to the game like Tavern Brawls where the deck is provided for you (tons of fun compared to the tedious collection of cards and booster pack purchases).The Arena... costs!

All in all though i hate it when the nudegamer whips out mind-control on his priest deck. Those are just hard to counter if you only have a single trump creature left in your hand.

Aside from the traditional match finder, you also see Solo Adventures. Here you can pit your deck against raid type bosses with their own unique cards (if you can afford to pay for this section).

Raid Type challenges for unique cards! If you can afford it...
Raid Type challenges for unique cards! If you can afford it…



Warhammer 40k Regicide – Space Marines Battle Chess and More

Thanks to the all evil steam sale, this n00b was able to pick up this little gem. Warhammer 40k Regicide!

Chess Badasery

Developed by Hammerfall in tandem with Games Workshop, They put together this unique piece of chess plus strategic phased action type gameplay that i’d have to admit, seemed odd at first, but got really intuitive less that 2 minutes into the game.

Warhammer 40k Regicide

Aside from the basic mechanics of movement (where the types of marines’ movement patterns are that of chess), it also adds the tactical depth of play that allows you to still savor some of those turn based feats in turn based combat.

Terminator Pew Pew

Since we come from a traditional pen and paper dice group, this game is a good way for us to link up to battle each other whilst still being faithful to some beloved RPG elements we know from the tabletop games.

terminator returning fire

Add to this gamestyle a smattering of kill animations, blood and gore as you one shot kill your opponents’ pieces. You can do this easily if you play a chess kill move in the movement phase.

getting the boss

Just to be clear this is “battle-chess like” and though it does follow the movement mechanics of chess pieces, you have to visualize a whole set of D&D like action and phases within a turn between piece movement. Yes it does sound a bit complicated, but you’ll get it in 5 minutes after trying it.

Here’s a steam link!

Clash of Clans War Etiquette

There have been many a Clan leader asking me “How do i prevent my clan mates from fighting each other?”

The simple answer: You can’t!

People fight. Its the nature of human beings. We’re quick to point out what’s wrong, and we don’t hold back on that feedback. I see a lot of Clashers rage-quitting with much impunity lately and its all because we can’t stop paying attention to “other people’s wrong moves.”

So instead of focusing on what’s wrong, let’s focus on what’s right in this socially enabled addition we call clash of clans. And on that note, here are a few tips to keep your clashers interested and not at each other’s throats…

Clan War Etiquette

  1. Attack a War Base Within Your League level – If your base is listed as number 15, and you’re attacking someone who’s about 10 levels lower than you, then you’re not focusing your attack on opponents that are on equal footing as you. I see a lot of this in clan chat “Attack your mirror first”. The reasoning behind this is to give those of lower levels equal opportunity to attack an opponent that is their near match. By attacking someone totally underdeveloped, you deprive your lower leveled clanmates a chance to have an effect on the war.
  2. Donate Appropriate Clan War Troops – Yes there’s such a thing. I’ve seen a lot of Clashers get their snickers from donating a level 1 goblin for someone’s war attack. Though funny, it doesn’t help that person’s sense of well being. You leave them the impression that they’re garbage, same as the garbage troops you’re donating.
  3. Attacking for Loots are Only Acceptable When We’re Winning – The clan war is a strategic activity designed to appropriately show clans who’s who in awesomeness. If you feel like throwing your 2nd attack only specifically because someone left their clan castle outside of their walls. Your 2nd attack might have been needed to cleanup other bases for more stars to win the war.
  4. Announce Who You Will Attack Ahead of Time – It helps a lot to coordinate your attacks. Work through wars as a team, and you’ll find yourself winning most of the time. Start not caring, and don’t be surprised your clan is losing all the time. Remember, winning a Clan war is a team effort. You cannot pin a failure on just one person, and it takes at least 10 people working together to win a War.
  5. Don’t Be Quick to Criticize – No one is perfect. Don’t start blowing things out of proportion by criticizing someone’s mistake. And if you’re ever the subject of criticism, don’t be quick to anger. We all need feedback to improve our game and selves. Don’t be so closed minded that you think its ok to rage quit on your friends who need you just because you weren’t treated like a God (as your Lvl 10 TH suggests).

Be nice people! Its a team game and it takes teamwork to win wars!  It take good etiquette, teamwork, and strategy to rank high in this game.

Now go work together for those seasonal Gem prizes!


The N00bs explore Star Wars Saga Edition RPG. Comedy ensues.


So after running a few sessions of Hunters Hunted 2 in ancient Japan for a few weeks, n00b-a-fette suggested we take a different flavor yesterday. Given I’ve been itching to play a more science fiction themed RPG, his suggestion of trying out Star Wars Saga Edition (or the D20 version) came right up our alleys. It was a familiar world and easy to relate to.

Having tried some of the other Star Wars tabletop titles such as X-wing and Edge of the Empire, I’ve been shunning playing a Star Wars themed tabletop game for two reasons. The first being is that it takes so long to setup for a game to jump into what should be familiar territory, and those unique dice that would be pretty difficult to collect or replace from this side of the world.

Surprisingly, it seemed very D&D 5th edition, and rolling for stats on dice you already had lying around made for quick character creation.

Ron Pearlman as Capt'n "Quick Credit" Quint
Ron Pearlman as Capt’n “Quick Credit” Quint

Ended up rolling a scoundrel heroic class, with Ron Perlman as my character sketch lol

Epic critical hits, critical botches, and raucous laughter then ensue as we see an inept Jedi guardian lose his master in front of his eyes. The team faces down what seems to be a high level Sith Lord. Of course the ideal strategy was not to face down one of those and run. Like, to another planet if at all possible.

Unfortunately our snarky capt’n didn’t have ship at the moment, and he was forced to make some sort of one way deal with yet another Jedi sympathizer noble from the Organa clan. With little options, he gathered his first mate “The First” and hoped to go on what should have been a quick and easy delivery run in the oldest looking excuse for a derelict that resembled a turtle more than a cargo frigate.

The party is then promptly chased down by one of the Sith’s starships and if not for the captain’s dodgy piloting, and the Jedi tapping into the force to find himself better at operating a turbo laser than a lightsaber, the party is able to escape. Barely.

Let’s see where else in the galaxy these misfits would find themselves. The game is turning out to be more like Spaceballs than Star Wars. lol!

Diablo III – The Rainbow Goblin and Whimsydale

Somewhere over that rainbow...
Somewhere over that rainbow…

So i finally got my Crusader to level 57. Took some help from a friend, but its awesome to see some of the mid level gear on the increased difficulty setting.

As i was grinding my way through the Caverns of Araneae and i came across a treasure goblin but it didn’t look like

Ain't he cute?
Ain’t he cute?

any goblin i’ve seen before.

Here’s Blizzard’s artwork on the goblin i saw that they presented in one of their keynotes recently upon the release of Reaper of Souls.

This time though they had much more in store than epic drops. They bring you into this mystical map called “Whimsydale”.  Here you’ll be able to unleash your inner cuteness rage. You’ll be slaying animated cuddly little teddy bears and pink and rainbow ponies. Ever felt like taking that cute toy by its feet and bashing its head against a wall? Well here you’ll be able to paint Whimsydale red with the blood of cuteness.

It needs more color... blood crimson to be exact!
It needs more color… blood crimson to be exact!


You’ll also run into more epic drops ranging from rare finds to legendary items with the multiple pinatas hanging around the tress here. You’ll need to make more than one trip back to town to empty out all the item drops. Thankfully, the portal appears when you are able to slay the rainbow goblin quickly enough and timed at a point where he just opens up a portal to Whimsydale to escape. Slay him there and that portal will stick around long enough for you to pass on through.


I’m guessing this guy only appears in hard mode and up as I didn’t encounter him in the earlier stages of normal mode. Then again pretty much most magical drops here are at least Rare and hardly any blues will be dropping at that point. The game gets pretty OP by the time you’re swinging around in adventure mode at level seventy.

Oh and you see a tip during some of the loading screens stating “The Cow level is a myth.” I’m guessing they came up with Whimsydale as something much much cooler.

Ah the rainbow bridge to Valhalla!
Ah the rainbow bridge to Valhalla!


Diablo III – Exploring Reaper of Souls

Here’s yet another title that I’ve been following through the years. Diablo has been an anticipated title each time it’s been released. We have so far the current expansion being played “Reaper of Souls” where if they thought Diablo and the lords of hell weren’t enough, they had to make the angel of death rebel against the natural order of things to add more flavor to the world of Sanctuary.


Making a bad-butt crusader!
Making a bad-butt crusader!

Sadly the Crusader character class wasn’t out yet upon first release. But since there was a sale happening on blizzard (50% off), i went ahead and got my own copy of the expansion. Jumped right into the most generic name possible, and off we went into New Tristram. Right off the bat, you’ll notice that the game has changed. The gold auction house was gone (i was surprised to see gold compensation for previously auctioned items), as well as the need to manually stat out your character (aw no more agi-barbarians lol).


That house on the hill looks interesting. Oh look! A shooting Star!
That house on the hill looks interesting. Oh look! A shooting Star!

Your expenditure on the title is immediately gratified with a blend of artist rendered graphics as well as a good dose of cinematic storytelling (we love this about blizzard).  And as compared to how they expanded the world of Sanctuary in Diablo 2, both the story and your grinding activity is balanced out with full audio when it comes to lore (i love this), as well as a polished and well defined system we’re all familiar with.


No more item thieving as all players get their own loot drops. Those in turn could be shared with a party member if you find it unusable or just don’t need it. This gives the game a terrific way in making sure everyone gets what they need but without affecting the need to be in a social group or party to diversify the types of loot gained.

Screenshot004Overall, this game is definitely a must try. Oh and yea, this is the game that breaks mice so even if you’re armed with a Razor, you might want to switch it out with a mouse you’re willing to abuse/replace in the shortest amount of time.

For now, i shall loiter in the general chat trying to look for another level 4 character. I keep forgetting that most other players are now at max level so if you’re just starting out your adventure, its best to bring company!


Video of the Week: Clash of Clans: Hog Rider

Finally got to TH7 and slowly progressing the clan through its levels.

Then i discovered the Hog Rider commercial of Supercell during the superbowl…

After seeing that, I was inspired.

Haaaawg Riiiiiidaaaaaaaaahs!

Haaaawg Riiiiiidaaaaaaaaahs!

I had to cry out each time i was attacking in the war.

My wife was short of throwing my android device into the toilet for all the echoes of “Hawg ridaaaaaahs” that permeated through the household.  Each time my children saw me, each time i opened the game, you’d hear the words “Haaaawg riiiidaaaaaaaaah” and you’d either hear the chuckling of those that get the joke, or the stern words of a scorned mother who was sick and tired of hearing that line each time she’d attack with her noah’s ark army.


Thankfully, after only a few failbombs where my Hogs literally bunched up together and ran right smack into a large bomb awaiting at that secluded worker’s hut right up top project tracking system. I was finally able to get my act together and run a proper attack, complete with luring and TH7 vs TH7 war.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to record my run.

But, one of our friendly content donors from the Clan “Cubao Fury” was kind enough to lend me a hand in putting together a video. Special mention to his opponent who also three starred him in return just to even out the playing field in the war. The Fury lost that bout, but hey they’re still kicking!

Keep clashing Cubao Fury! You’ll get to clan level 5 soon!


Oh and here’s the 2nd video of the Hog Riders! Enjoy!