Pranks we all played and were victim to…

Its very common these days that we see a lot of n00bizens walking around and not paying attention to their surroundings. They walk like zombies, or stay still in the house, face illuminated by the artificial LED lights served up by a handheld device. Their insatiable hunger for farming dark elixir taking over each waking moment of the day. And the only anticipated excitement throughout it all, is the anticipation of war (starting in 40 minutes), where we bring our tactics and armies to bear.

That being said, I know exactly how such people can easily fall prey to the more aware friends and barkadas we have. I’ve been pranked before and have rage quit in the most glorious fashion (friendship over moments) my site. But despite my supposed diverse retinue of pranks, this video by Kupal Lord on Facebook deserves a trophy!

If you’re too addicted to Clash of Clans and aren’t paying attention, watch out! You just might fall victim to a new Gem prank!

It would have been awful being on the receiving end of that prank. Kudos to KL for the hearty laughs this video provided. ¬†Why stop there though? Since today’s supposed to tickle our funny bones, (its Thursday and Friday can’t get here sooner) let’s look at another prank, this time one that takes advantage of the sleeping schoolmate!

That last one went around facebook with the title “Crit ni Rikimaru” and boy was there an increase of slapping the sleeping kid in class.

Now if that doesn’t have you rolling on the floor, you’re probably that first guy still playing Clash of Clans and still oblivious to the possible pranks that your friends are concocting for reading this blog.

If you still don’t think you’d be falling prey to any pranks, you’d better watch this last video. If you spot yourself doing anything that this guy does, you’re in for a world of hurt!