The N00bgamer’s Presidential Platform for the 2016 Elections

The 2016 Elections are upon us! Time to once more head to the polling booths to choose our next set of leaders! But we’re all tired of campaign promises on law and reform. What we’d like to hear are hard solutions or concrete ideas that are practical and simple to execute. On that note, we can science the sheesh out of our problems and come up with equitable and practical solutions.

That being said, here are some of the N00b-generation ideas that we’d like to propose;

Poverty and Housing

We propose the creation of the “Human Energy Solution” which consist of pre-fabricated bio-solar housing units that have the following properties;

  • Built from a strong material/foundation such as empty shipping containers.
  • Each container will be fitted with solar panels and a bio-waste to energy system.
  • Each container can be fitted with a waste-water recycling system, as well as integrate fish stock as a food source which can be grown from within the bio-waste recycling system.
  • Edible plant stocks can also be grown using the bio-processing system as a food source.
  • With the solar panels and bio-gas system, energy and food could now be grown using the abundant solar power as well as bio-fuels to power backup generators or fertilizer for the plant stock.
  • Considering that each container unit is large enough for a family, this strategy could be used for mass housing relocation.
  • By using a simplified coupling system between the bio-units, several of these container storage units could be interconnected to form a super-battery, capable of making villages of previously disenfranchised  now a potential money making unit by selling the power created by the bio-solar village and sold back to the consumer network. This strategy guarantees each household an income capability in order to lessen the need for them to return to where they were relocated from.
  • Since the size and shape is now standardized, multiple units of these bio-solar farms/containers can now be sent to the other islands of the Philippines for the national government to fulfill on its commitments of housing, food, and economical opportunity.
  • We have over 7000 islands… this seems the most practical solution to getting power/services out towards remote locations.

Military and Peacekeeping

Self Defense by far is one of the most dismal topics here given the volatility of events and participants in the West Philippine Sea. By and far, we don’t really need to focus on offensive weaponry. Rather, should push come to shove and we see war, the islands are better defensible using tactics seen during the Vietnam War.

Defensive Parameters;

  • Create multiple tunnel networks around the islands. Capitalize on already existing natural tunnel networks, and augment them with the capability to move personnel and supplies between skirmishes.
  • We have a very healthy community of underground arms manufacturers. Some of which are boasted to perform better than their original predecessors. The National Government should provide these engineers with an amnesty program, as well as capability to now supply our under-serviced military with upgraded and tuned weapons designed for skirmishes in tropical conditions.
  • Create a Fast-Craft response Self Defense Unit. Retrofit the navy with Jet-ski propulsion vehicles designed to operate in only 2-3 inches of water. This will enable us to fully realize guerrilla tactics on the water as well as rapid deployments between islands. We should utilize this strategy (as seen from terrorist movements) as a method for repelling invaders and rapid deployment for peacekeeping. The land and sea terrain being what is is, is already a tactical advantage. By using fast-craft such as these, we’ll be able to use the terrain as a force multiplier, or a way to funnel enemies into a kill-zone.
  • Create an effective intelligence unit. One that uses stealth, guile, and compassion. We’re not here to repress people, we’re here to weed out the ones that want to create destabilization.
  • Implement a citizen empowered response system for crime reporting as effective as 911. Our current response times are horrible.
  • Get our nations best and brightest. Pay them a rate that prevents corruption. Induct them into what an “ideal society” is like before arms training. A soldier at his best behavior, is a pillar of a good and orderly society.

Government Services, Graft and Corruption

Computerize Everything! The less human facilitation/intervention, the less potential for graft. Our BPO and Call Center industry have the right tools to cater to the administration of each citizens requirements. If all government services and ID’s started with the biometric system, as well as unified under one database, you can seriously lessen the labor requirement needed to service the rest of the country. This should doubly apply for taxes and elections. Once we fully adapt to the current technology of API’s and databases, its harder to cheat the system.


Those are just my two cents. Your duty is to go out and Vote! You need to vote to elect the right candidate for the 2016 elections.

In the end, its not up to our elected officials to solve our problems. Its really up to us.

Discipline, Integrity, Technology. Those are the foundations of my platform. Vote N00bgamer!

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