Revisiting Eve Online

Its been years since i first fell in love with Eve Online. Since her latest expansion and updates, i can proudly say that during my revisit, there were tons of new aspects, as well as features to this true Sandbox MMO.

I was playing this game before world of warcraft and its true sandbox nature is what really caught me. First launched in 2003, it captured a consistent 20k CCU’s on the server at any given time. That’s a lot of dedication for a game that has real-time circumstances that could arise in a flash and just like that, leave you without a ship, and pod killed.

Take a look at this awesome footage of what actual combat looks like in-game.

The component of being able to coordinate with real people as if they were their own corporation leaders is one of the truly terrifying aspects of this game. As it stands, “The Imperium” is gearing up for one of the largest confrontations against a united federation of corporations. To think this has been brewing over time now is yet another great aspect to the real-life politics that occur in-game.

Here’s another view from youtube’s Tallardar:

They were initially known as the CFC or “Cluster Fuck Coalition”.

eve online armada

Now they’ll be going to war.




You sure you brought enough guns to this fight?
You sure you brought enough guns to this fight?

Eve Online will continue to amaze and dominate in the MMO space as long as there are enough people to want to experience the real drama of a true to life space opera.


Oh look! They have a recruit-a-friend program!

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  1. The game is fun and epic that leaves other space opera MMOs out there in the dust. Can’t really compete with MMOs anymore, but watching the players play is like watching Space Above and Beyond again.

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