Improve your sluggish X-Com2 play experience!

Ok so after a few days of hitting up X-Com 2, you’re probably like me who’s wondering if those spare seconds of action sequence are really part of the game, symptoms of a sluggish or old pc, or just a bad release version.

Turns out, some of the modders on steam have figured out that a lot of that extra time between shots and actions were actually coded into the game as part of the experience. Some would disagree of course and would say that Firaxes and 2k owe us a patch that improves game performance.

For those who can’t wait for a fix, here’s a mod for you!

Shot percentage 100
Hit the picture for a link to the steam store to get “Stop wasting my time mod for X-Com 2”

It’s a must have for those that don’t have newer computers but want to have a more responsive play experience. It works marvels by cutting some of the pauses out of the combat experience in the game and does a great improvement for responsiveness.

Of course, if your’re a n00b like me, this means you’ll be running into Advent and not taking full advantage of Concealment mode just to draw that sword and slash at some snakeman that’s grabbed your mate.

Sadly it doesn’t do much either for the mission loading time, as that’s the game loading up its assets for you (but there’s a mod for that!).

Got any other mod suggestions to improve your play experience? Hit us up in the comments!

Update: 2/17/2016

Just found another hotfix for the game, this one’s credit goes to my favorite credible gaming site “RockPaperShotgun”.(see their full article here). 

This one requires you to go to your Nvidia control panel and turning down the Maximum pre-rendered frames to the setting of “1”.

Its labelled as "Flip Queue Size" on AMD
Its labelled as “Flip Queue Size” on AMD

With these tweaks now in place i think i’m reaching the 40’s fps finally lol.

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