Star Wars: The Force Awakens – is coming to town

The next sequel to the Star Wars saga, The Force Awakens, is coming up in just a few days and we’re seeing campaigns on facebook to not spoil it for anyone, or speculate as it might ruin the overall effect of the movie. With JJ Abrams at the directors helm, we can expect to see a lot of action on-screen as well as a smattering of old vs new in this target-all cinematic experience by that 10 Ton Gorilla, Disney.

With all the Star Wars fandom coming out of the woodwork for this one, it was a task and a half to secure day one screening tickets with the rest of the world. People were lining up at any cinema that was selling advanced tickets for the 17th of December and buying blocks of seats. Even heard a story of one of our Askals buddies buying out a whole movie theater’s seats just to make sure the whole family sees it on time and no spoilers affect anyone.

Millennium Falcon Drone – Take my money now!!!

Of course, there’s a lot of old Star Wars toys out there being sold in anticipation of the new movie. But the most juicy tidbits of those are the overpriced BB8’s and drone X-wing/Millennium Falcons and are controllable via apps.

All in all though, even George Lucas himself has commented that “This is one that the fans will love” which could hint at how he disagrees with using action as an overall selling point of the movie. He created the first Trilogy with a heavy focus on drama and character interaction. Some purists would agree to that point of view but then again, its a different decade where in the 70’s they were dealing with some different social issues.

But enough of the huff-and-bluff. It’s time to speculate! So here are some questions you can pickup from just watching the trailers (hundreds of times during toilet time);

  • Is Rey a Skywalker? We’ve a feeling Daisy Ridley was cast because of her resemblance to the Skywalkers.
  • With the Emperor gone and Vader dead, who gave Kylo Ren the idea that its his destiny to rule? Wait!?! Is he a Skywalker too? Anakin you sly dog…
  • Something’s up with the Empire’s financing. With all the personnel and resources lost with 2 Death Stars, how is it they can even operate on an organized scale with its Third Reich depiction on one of those scenes.
  • What the heck is “The First Order”? Lemme guess, aged Stormtrooper Vets who march to the tune of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck?
  • The Resistance is still not an organized force? With all those wins against the Empire campaign, you’d think they’d have brought things back into some sort of Galactic Republic once again or some such organization. The use of the word “resistance” still has a connotation of small organization only.
  • Star Wars in itself has a cult following, how much of this was influenced by the fans?

Oh and for those of you who need a character guide here’s a nifty link from screenrant:¬†

And here’s some even niftier desktop wallpapers!:

Wallpapers and Google Hits!
Kylo Ren and his ancient lightsaber? Is it a functional weapon? Or is it a key to something bigger?