The N00bs Play Betrayal at House on the Hill 2nd Edition

Designed by Bruce Glassco, and published by Avalon Hill (we have the 2nd edition by WoTC), Betrayal at House on the Hill 2nd ed had us players starting out as friends exploring a haunted house filled with dangers omens and traps. As the friends continue exploring the mansion, they expand the board (by drawing tiles) and eventually creating the event called “The Haunt” that randomly generates a scenario and villain in the session.

This game has so many possible outcomes that we can’t help but commend the creator as we’ve played about 9 sessions to date and we haven’t really repeated a scenario just yet.

betrayal at the house on the hill 2

The fun came about each time there were enough omens on the table  to potentially make The Haunt event happen and literally had us screaming at the game table.

betrayal at the house on the hill 1

Of course instead of reading the rules throughout, we went through the video of our idols at Geek and Sundry to get familiar with the game. You can count on them as tutorial videos as well.

This board game is a must-try and has been around for a while. For some reason, some people really hope to be the antagonist in a game. But if the traitor has the Spear and Armor token, well, it’s going to be a bloody night at this haunted mansion.

Oddly enough, with Azanthriel playing, it felt kind of spooky and odd things started to happen with our electronics. At some points lights would flicker just when the haunt started, and none of the videos or photos we took came out clear. Either way, it added to the spook and excitement to the whole experience. We definitely recommend playing this with a soundtrack. If you don’t know where to get one, here’s a handy playlist you can click on.


To the Hack that’s trying to hack this website

First off, we’re really flattered for you to think that there’s something of value here. But sorry, all you’ll see here are a bunch of people having fun (without you). You may think you’re very clever, but our administrators have reported your activities to the police.

Even if you try again, we’ll just block and report you to the authorities. So if one day the police come knocking on your door, please show them to your computer where we’ve submitted both your masked IP address, as well as the MAC address of the computer you use.

So to you sir, who probably doesn’t have much of a future aside from petty theft, we bid you good day and thanks for visiting our website.

For you i give you a Yao Ming! May all your presents have this face plastered all over them.

Sometimes you're just so desperate.
Sometimes you’re just so desperate.

So if you find yourself feeling good about something you did, or you need to have that feeling of a pat on the back, rest assured that we’ll think of you each time we need to scratch our scrotum.

Warcraft Legion: Estimated launch date

Activision-Blizzard recently gave us a semblance of an estimated launch date when they announced that you can now order the new World of Warcraft expansion Warcraft: Legion!  Based from when we were redirected to the pre-order page, you can definitely tell that this company is milking the consumers for their financing of the expansion (not to mention the monthly dues aside per 30 day access). From there, it gave us that lovely disclaimer in the fine print; “…on or before Septtember 21, 2016.”

Legion Launch Date

Now that’s what i’d call anticipatory revenue right there. In any case, Blizzard has been known to always send out their titles with spit and polish only that 10 ton gorilla can produce. But i’d happily part with that monkey knowing its going out to developers who spent years keeping us in this game.

So there’s a year to decide just how worth it with this pre-order. You get an instant level boost to 100 and continue on the grind to level 110. 10 years and counting and let’s see if they can still keep us around. As it stands, the days of the 11 million population are gone. Its more like 5 million active users lately and you can notice the difference. With freemium MMO’s still continuing to pop up here and there, they’re hard pressed to keep the subscription model going.

If you’re looking for more information about the upcoming game, read it here!