Hearthstone – Close calls with one hit-point left

So some of the n00bs have gotten themselves into Hearthstone. A digital collectible card game by the ten ton gorilla named Blizzard. There’s a lot to be said after playing similar games like Magic the Gathering. This one being without the land sources for mana, but it is provided to you each time the turn progresses. What it does have is fast action just like what we loved about WotC’s Magic: The Gathering. So fast that we find ourselves just trying to win the match with one hit-point left.

Ah crap... he has a tank.
Ah crap… he has a tank.

A lot of times, your luck is all based from the draw, but you do get to call mulligan on the initial batch of cards you drew.

There’s about 2 card expansions to the game now. There’s one about Goblins and Mechs while the newer one focuses on cards based from the Argent Tournament. That AT expansion though saw other features to the game like Tavern Brawls where the deck is provided for you (tons of fun compared to the tedious collection of cards and booster pack purchases).The Arena... costs!

All in all though i hate it when the nudegamer whips out mind-control on his priest deck. Those are just hard to counter if you only have a single trump creature left in your hand.

Aside from the traditional match finder, you also see Solo Adventures. Here you can pit your deck against raid type bosses with their own unique cards (if you can afford to pay for this section).

Raid Type challenges for unique cards! If you can afford it...
Raid Type challenges for unique cards! If you can afford it…