Clash of Clans War Etiquette

There have been many a Clan leader asking me “How do i prevent my clan mates from fighting each other?”

The simple answer: You can’t!

People fight. Its the nature of human beings. We’re quick to point out what’s wrong, and we don’t hold back on that feedback. I see a lot of Clashers rage-quitting with much impunity lately and its all because we can’t stop paying attention to “other people’s wrong moves.”

So instead of focusing on what’s wrong, let’s focus on what’s right in this socially enabled addition we call clash of clans. And on that note, here are a few tips to keep your clashers interested and not at each other’s throats…

Clan War Etiquette

  1. Attack a War Base Within Your League level – If your base is listed as number 15, and you’re attacking someone who’s about 10 levels lower than you, then you’re not focusing your attack on opponents that are on equal footing as you. I see a lot of this in clan chat “Attack your mirror first”. The reasoning behind this is to give those of lower levels equal opportunity to attack an opponent that is their near match. By attacking someone totally underdeveloped, you deprive your lower leveled clanmates a chance to have an effect on the war.
  2. Donate Appropriate Clan War Troops – Yes there’s such a thing. I’ve seen a lot of Clashers get their snickers from donating a level 1 goblin for someone’s war attack. Though funny, it doesn’t help that person’s sense of well being. You leave them the impression that they’re garbage, same as the garbage troops you’re donating.
  3. Attacking for Loots are Only Acceptable When We’re Winning – The clan war is a strategic activity designed to appropriately show clans who’s who in awesomeness. If you feel like throwing your 2nd attack only specifically because someone left their clan castle outside of their walls. Your 2nd attack might have been needed to cleanup other bases for more stars to win the war.
  4. Announce Who You Will Attack Ahead of Time – It helps a lot to coordinate your attacks. Work through wars as a team, and you’ll find yourself winning most of the time. Start not caring, and don’t be surprised your clan is losing all the time. Remember, winning a Clan war is a team effort. You cannot pin a failure on just one person, and it takes at least 10 people working together to win a War.
  5. Don’t Be Quick to Criticize – No one is perfect. Don’t start blowing things out of proportion by criticizing someone’s mistake. And if you’re ever the subject of criticism, don’t be quick to anger. We all need feedback to improve our game and selves. Don’t be so closed minded that you think its ok to rage quit on your friends who need you just because you weren’t treated like a God (as your Lvl 10 TH suggests).

Be nice people! Its a team game and it takes teamwork to win wars!  It take good etiquette, teamwork, and strategy to rank high in this game.

Now go work together for those seasonal Gem prizes!


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